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Friday, January 6, 2012

Brunch We Must

There is nothing more satisfying than rolling out of bed late, putting a pot of coffee on and reveling in the glory that is your day off. Nothing. I live for my days off and I bet a lot of you out there do as well. In celebration of this glorious occasion I invited a couple cool kids over to brunch and day drink. The outcome: delicious perfection accompanied by good gossip and giggles that lasted into the late afternoon. Go ahead and give your next day off the celebration that it (and you) so rightfully deserve. 
On The Menu:
-Egg Sandwich with Crispin Honeycrisp Béarnaise 
-Sweet Potato & Apple Hashbrowns (as prepared by the incomparable Jamie Giles)
-Cocktail: St. Germain Dupree
Tip: Drink first, then cook. Food will always taste better this way. 
St. Germain Dupree: Recipe is per drink (name cred per Brieann Thelen)

1/2  oz. St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur  
  4   oz. Crispin Brut Cider (chilled)
1.75 oz. Grapefruit Juice (chilled)
1) Simply layer the ingredients above starting with the St. Germain, then the Crispin, 
    and finally the Grapefruit. 
2) Sip, smile, and start cooking. 
Sweet Potato & Apple Hashbrowns: Serves 4-6 
2    lbs. Sweet Potatoes, shredded 
1/2 Large White Onion, diced
1    Large Green Apple, shredded 
1/2 tsp. Cinnamon
1 1/2 Tbsp.  Canola Oil
1) After slicing and dicing your ingredients, heat a large skillet on medium-high heat 
   and add the 1/4 c. Honeycrisp and cinnamon.  Let heat for 2 minutes and then add 
   your apple and onion. Reduce heat to medium and let cook for about 10 minutes or 
   until soft and beginning to caramelize. Reserve in a large bowl, covered.
2) Heat a large skillet over medium-high heat with 1 1/2 Tbsp. canola oil. Add your 
    giant pile of sweet potato shreds and cook until they begin to turn golden brown 
    on one side. (This would be a perfect time to start your béarnaise if you're making 
    both)  Add the apple and onion mixture, flip and repeat cooking until the other 
    side is equally as delicious looking. Season with salt and pepper till your heat's 
    desire. Serve immediately. 
Jamie. Ain't she pretty? 

Egg Sandwich with Honeycrisp Béarnaise Sauce:  Enough sauce for 8 

  1/4  c. +2 Tbsp. Crispin Honeycrisp Cider
  1/4  c. Apple Cider Vinegar 
   2    Tbsp. Shallot, diced 
   4    Egg Yolks
   1    c. Clarified Unsalted Butter 
   Juice from half a lemon 

   -As many eggs as sandwiches desired, I like mine cooked over easy,     
    cook em like you like em.
  -One veggie or regular sausage pattie per sandwich, warm in pan or on griddle 
  -Half a whole wheat english muffin per sammie. 
  -Adorn them with fresh snipped chives. 

1) Get a double broiler started, heat water to simmering. 
2) In a small sauce pan, bring the 1/4 c. vinegar, 1/4 c. cider, and shallot to a boil. 
    Reduce the heat to low and continue cooking for 5 minutes or until the liquid has
    reduced a bit. Let the mixture cool slightly and then strain into the bowl of your 
    double broiler. 
3) Set the liquid over the simmering water and add the egg yolks and 2 Tbsp. cider. 
    Cook while whisking until the mixture becomes light yellow and begins to 
4) Remove from heat and blend in a blender until smooth. Let cool a minute. With 
    the motor running, slowly add the clarified butter and then the lemon.
5) Season with salt and pepper, keep warm on the double boiler over low until ready 
    to use.

When you're all ready to eat; toast up your muffins, fry up those eggs, and make sure you're drink is full before getting down on that glorious plate of food you just created. Hey, might as well enjoy it to its fullest. We all know we'll be back at work before we know it. A toast to you, you've earned this day, soak it up!


  1. I can attest that this was an incredible breakfast. The Honeycrisp in the sauce made this dish really stick out. I'm normally not a huge Benedict fan, but with the adding of a little apple flavor it was all I needed to be sold.

    The cocktail was incredible the first glass, second glass, get the idea.

    Another home run for The Cider Kitchen!

  2. okay i am SO making these tomorrow.

    and yes . . . Jamie is adorable o_O

  3. you are amazing and this sounds delightful!

  4. Thanks a lot guys! Golly what nice words :)

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  6. LOVE! That Béarnaise was perfect:) I want to put in on everything from Mash potatoes to Ice cream. No lie.