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Monday, January 23, 2012

Crispin & Fox Barrel at the Nosh

Last Friday I was honored to be able to be a part of the North Coast Nosh III. The Nosh is an event put on by The Heavy Table-a popular Twin Cities magazine.  These events are all about showcasing the endless local talent of Minnesota's food and drink purveyors. Held at the new Open Arms of Minnesota facility, around 300 guests made their way around the room to sample the delicious fare from the 20 different businesses that attended the 'sip-and-sample' event. 
Jamie and I all set up!
I was able to be at the event as a sampler for Crispin and Fox Barrel, and lucky me, I was also able to make some snacks to hand out that I made showcasing Fox Barrel's Pacific Pear Cider. I cannot tell a lie though, getting there was a lot of work. Feeding 300 people and not running out of food is no easy task! I decided on making the Fig and Pear Tarts that I made for my New Year's Eve Post for the following reasons: 1. They are easy to store/assemble 2. Cold holding safely is a lot easier than hot holding 3. They really showcase the product 4. They're delicious. Well that and I tried like 5 other test kitchen ideas that all fell through and I ran out of time, ack! In the end though, I think it was a great call and I was pretty happy with the way they turned out.
370 mini filo shells + a lot of patience & butter
2 sauté pans at a time x5 - this was definitely a labor of love
After hours and hours of chopping/cooking/baking, one emotional/worried/nervous breakdown and 20 minutes of snowy driving later, we arrived.

Borrowed this pic from The Heavy Table-hope you guys don't mind! 
--> By the way, Open Arms is a truly inspiring organization, you should look into it! 

 First thing we did was set up all of the product and made sure everything looked presentable. We decided to sample only our line of Pear Ciders from Fox Barrel to show people what a great product it really is (I think I'd cry if they ever got rid of the Ginger & Blackcurrant Cider!) and also because it related directly to the food we were sampling. Then we got to work on assembling a bunch of the snacks in preparation of the guests arrival, people come hungry and that's a fact.
 Once we were all set up we took a little stroll around to check out everyone elses' setups and devised a game plan about what we were going to snack on later ourselves...bahahaha! 
Bogart Loves Bakery-yummy

Natedogs- a classic done right!

Beez Kneez- deeelicious honey treats
Patisserie 46- they had me at chocolate

We also stopped by to say hello to Burnett Dairy Cooperative, Faribault Dairy (they make a cave aged blue cheese that's to die for) and a personal fave-Peace Coffee

Back to our spots, we got in gear as people started to arrive; thirsty, hungry, and full of questions about our products. Overall it was great night and a nice reminder of how much talent there is all around us. We were so happy to be a part of it, big thanks to The Heavy Table and Open Arms of Minnesota for all the work they put into this event!

Alex was the biggest help with snack assembly!

Pete from Harriet Brewing stops by to say hello-LOVE their beers! 
Celebrating their 1 year anniversary on the 27th-here
Not to be missed, go!
Snacks anyone?

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