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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Mulled Cider

Bring on the fall! I for one am all about it this year. I've always really enjoyed the fall, but rarely do I enjoy thinking about what comes after...cold. Lots and lots of cold and snow and then a little more cold and snow after that. So even when I'd really like to enjoy the fall, I was always brought to a halt  thinking about my imminent doom soon thereafter. But this year, for some very welcome reason, I opened up my arms and embraced it without pause. 
This new-found joy over fall put me into a tizzy of needing to do all things fall related. One such activity resulted in this fortified-mulled-cider-in-an-apple cocktail. I rejoiced, reveled, and slipped into a happy stupor of autumnal joy. 
 Mulled Cider Cocktail:

3/4 c. (or more) Apple Cider 
Mulling spices like: Allspice (4-6), cinnamon sticks (2-3), star anise (3) or clove(4-5). You could also add a little orange or ginger if you want to get wild. 
3-6 apples, consider that you may mangle them (I know I did, and then adjust accordingly) Also, you'll want to pick large apples with good flat bottoms. 
A little lemon juice so the apples don't brown when you cut them

If you want to make the apple cups:

1) Grab an apple and cut just the top off. Rub liberally with the lemon juice to prevent browning 
    while you're working. I found a handy dandy grapefruit knife that was curved that came in 
    very handy here. I cut the core out first by simply cutting around it, be careful to not put a 
    whole in the bottom like I did on my first one!
2) Slowly start to cut your way further around where the core was until you've got most of the
    inside out but still have a good sturdy vessel for people to hold. When you're happy with your   
    artwork you're done! Ta-dah! 

If you just want the drink already:

1) Pour the Crispin cider and regular cider into a heavy bottomed pot. Add the mulling spices and   
    slowly heat over low to med-low heat until it just begins to steadily steam. 
2) After the batch starts to steam toss in the bourbon. Serve right away or put a lid on it to keep it 
    warm.  Once the cider starts to steam it is more or less losing its alcohol content, so put a lid on 
    it and keep that booze safe! 

My first failed apple cup, wa wa waaaa! 

Cheers! Here's to you and here's to me, apple loving friends we shall always be! 

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